Agony inside the dying head

When I look at these photos of Michael, I am convinced he was mentally and physically unable to perform the 50 concerts AEG had scheduled for him in London. He looks so exhausted and emotionally wounded. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, this poor man was in an incredible amount of pain. I can’t help but remember the words to one of his songs… I am the damned, I am the dead, I am the agony inside the dying head.

Bless you, Michael. I hope you are resting in eternal peace.



Michael Jackson’s final concert rehearsal photos

Two days before he died, Michael did a run through of several songs that he would be performing on the 50-date London tour that was to begin the following month. Here are a few photos from that night.

I find it a little disturbing that Michael named the tour “This Is It!” and also described the concerts as a “final curtain call” during an earlier press conference.