One World Trade Center (1WTC) spire becomes antenna in redesign


The new tower at Ground Zero might be the tallest in New York City, but due to a recent decision to eliminate the cladding from the antenna, its future as the tallest in the United States is in doubt. The top of the building was recently redesigned in order to shave several million off of the final price tag and make the structure easier to maintain.

The changes have riled many skyscraper enthusiasts who find the new design far from aesthetically-pleasing. While I initially agreed with the negative remarks, I was also never very enthused about the design of the original spire. Downgrading it to a simple antenna makes the building more reminiscent of the North World Trade Center tower that was lost on 9/11. I will reserve judgment on the building’s appearance until it is completed.

The main downside to the redesign is the building may not be able to include the antenna in its overall height. The skyscraper was originally intended to have a spire topping out at a symbolic 1776 feet, but while the height of spires are included because they are considered a permanent part of a structure, antennas are not.






UPDATE: In a press release dated November 12, 2013, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat announced they would include the unclad spire in the final architectural height of 1WTC, thereby officially making it the tallest building in the United States.

Beautiful renders of future World Trade Center towers in NYC

Time will tell whether these plans for Ground Zero come to fruition, but here are some renders of what the southern tip of Manhattan is supposed to look like in the future.

WTC render
1WTC, 2WTC, 3WTC, and 4WTC gleam brightly as the sun sets.
WTC render
The proposed towers at night.
WTC render
A wider shot including more of Manhattan Island.

Beekman Place


One of my favorite new skyscrapers, Beekman Place, recently topped out at 74 floors (876 ft). It took a little while to grow on me, but I’m digging the wavy sides. It’s also a great addition to lower Manhattan.

The photo above is a render of how Beekman Place should look when completed. The photos below are recent views of the partially-completed tower.

Follow the progress here.

1 World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) rising quickly

The 1,776 foot tower designed to restore Manhattan’s skyline and replace the office space that was lost on 9/11/01 has finally begun showing signs of progress. Steelwork recently hit 160 feet above street level, but is expected to reach 20 floors in the first quarter of 2010.


Here are a few renders of the redesigned World Trade Center complex and memorial.

Follow the progress here.