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During a chat session yesterday morning with my friend, Wei, I learned that the Burj Dubai Skyscraper would be officially opening to the public later in the day. I hadn’t been keeping up with the structure as much since it topped out, so this was news to me and I almost immediately shared it on my blog. Little did I know that my blog, which I recently moved to self-hosted, was already being swamped with traffic related to the skyscraper.

My previous entries about it had apparently been indexed quite well by search engines, so I had accumulated around 3,000 hits by lunch time. Considering that my site normally gets less than 500 hits per day, this was most unexpected. Upon reaching 6,000 hits around mid-afternoon, my site went down and was replaced with a “This site has been suspended” message.

I quickly contacted support and found out that the unexpected spike in traffic was wreaking havoc on my web host’s servers and they shut the site down in response. Not only that, but they had decided to close my account for good and refund my money. Bummer. So, I spent all evening transferring my blog and images back to

Although I loved the freedom of self-hosting, I never dreamed that a sudden increase in traffic would result in my site being shut down – especially when I was far below the bandwidth usage that I had purchased. Since I never had that kind of problem on, it just seemed to make sense to come back. Although my site was inaccessible most of the night because of domain changes, my blog has already been visited over 5,000 times this morning without a hiccup. Gotta love WordPress!

Interesting search terms #2

More fascinating search terms from my blog stats for your reading enjoyment:

wooden spoons hurt

I’ll just take your word for it.

i feel stuck inside myself

That’s gotta hurt.

sex sounds – calling out “oh Brian”

I can totally understand that.

indian coming out stories

Just change your name to something like “Rainbow Spirit” or “Flamingo Feather” and there will be no need to explain anything.

my father is attracted to my sister

I just puked a little in my mouth.

straight but like penis

Then… you probably aren’t straight, buddy.

fighting toast pics

In the left corner we have Slightly Burnt, who will be challenging our reigning champion, Buttered Bottom.

homosexual can’t marry a woman

I know a few who could… and did.

daddys lil whore pictures

Yuck. How in the world did that bring them here?

how to tell someone your pregnant

Wearing a maternity dress on your next date will probably do the trick.

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Interesting Search Terms #1

Interesting search terms #1

WordPress gives us loads of interesting statistics about our traffic, and one of my favorite features is the list of keywords that people enter into search engines to find my site. Some of them leave me shaking my head and wondering how on earth they brought the person here.

I’ve been keeping a running list for the last several days with some of the most intriguing strings and thought I’d share them and add a little commentary. Enjoy!

100 ways on cursing people out in german

Someone must have been having a very bad day at work.

Womens mouths taped shut

Either a man with a kinky imagination or a woman with a chatty co-worker.

fish oil on your butt

I don’t even want to know.

how to tell if a guy is gay

Maybe a guy with a really cute co-worker?

annie lennox removed her bra

Hmmm… I’d pay to see that. Surely someone had a cellphone camera!

puppy not allowed in school

Doggone the bad luck. Pun intended.

eat junkfood to get a butt

What’s with all the butt stuff? This does work, though.

too old for bon jovi purse?

If you have to ask, then you already have your answer.