Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s plan to reform Islam

I have been a fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali since reading and discussing her book Infidel on this blog several years ago, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her being interviewed on Real Time with Bill Maher last night to promote her new book Heretic: Why Islam Needs A Reform Now. During the interview, she explained exactly how she believes Muslims need to change their religious views.

  1. Change the attitude towards the Koran and Muhammad. The book is not a driver’s manual, and the man is not infallible.
  2. Stop investing in life after death, but concentrate on life before death.
  3. Give up Sharia law completely.
  4. Individual citizens should not be able to police and punish their counterparts.
  5. Eliminate¬†jihad. Replace “holy” wars with holy peace.

Her goals are lofty and unrealistic to be sure, but they shine an important light on the most egregious elements of religious extremism.

Bill Maher, who often gets criticized by liberals for his brazen views on Islam, asked Ali why she believes liberals need to stand up to the intolerant aspects of Islam instead of constantly worrying about being politically correct.

The cancer of Islamic extremism is an assault on liberalism, on liberal ideas… Protect the life of the human being, the freedom of the human being, equality of human beings. That’s what it is an assault on. Islamic extremists divide the world into “us” and “them.” And the ones they deem to be “them,” even if they are pious Muslims, they kill them, they subjugate them, they sell them into slavery, they rape the women, and they destroy arts and civilization. And we see it on a daily basis.

If you are a liberal, and you really truly believe in the principles of liberalism, you have got to stand up to the challenge of the day, and that is Islamic extremism.

‘Married in London’

Married in London
by Janis Ian

We’re married in London
But not in New York
Spain says we’re kosher
The states say we’re pork

We wed in Toronto
The judge said “Amen”
And when we got home
we were single again

It’s hard being married
And living in sin
Sometimes I forget just
Which state I am in

Thank God I’m not Catholic
I’d be a mess
Trying to figure out
What to confess

My passport in Sweden
Says I’ve got a wife
Amsterdam tells me
I’m partnered for life

But back in America
Land of the free
I’m a threat to the
National security

If I were a frog
Here’s what I would say
It’s hard being green
It’s hard being gay

But love has no colors
And hearts have no sex
So love where you can
And f*ck all the rest.