Remember the movie Click where Adam Sandler’s character came upon a remote control that he could use to pause, mute, and rewind his life? He found himself skipping through things that he didn’t want to wait for or deal with, and by the end of the movie, a much older man realized that most of the important moments in his life had already passed him by. My life has been feeling like that a lot lately.

It seems like we stay busy from dawn to dusk – running here and there, doing household chores, trying to take care of the needs of some of our friends while enjoying some leisure time with others. What’s left is very little of what I call “me time” – the part of the day when I can unwind in a hot bath with a good book and some candles, or watch a television show without being interrupted, or get my hands dirty working in the yard. Instead, I’m working, scooping litter boxes, folding laundry, or paying bills online.

So, here I am, a few short years from FORTY, trying to figure out how on earth I wound up this old in such a short amount of time. It freaks me out that my parents qualify for senior citizen discounts at local restaurants, and that my sister has a child turning eighteen this year. It also disappoints me that this far into my allotted years, I still can’t get legally married and don’t have any children to call my own.

Mrs. J always said that time passes faster the older you get, but sometimes I wish I had my own pause button so I could cling to my disappearing youth for just a little while longer.