The cat people

I never thought I’d have three cats in the house. Two maybe, but never more.

We started with Blu, a shelter rescue that we fell in love with via pictures posted on After several months had gone by, we got Twinkie from a coworker. We had two “kids” that could keep each other company when we were out of the house and we figured that was that. Then Macy Gray came into our lives.

When I first brought her home, it was out of pure necessity. I had to save this kitten and make sure that she was going to be properly cared for. I figured that we would be able to find a good home for her and we’d go back to being a two-cat household. Things have a way of not always working out as planned.

We’ve had her over four weeks already and she’s growing like a weed. Honey continually reminds me that I promised we’d find her a new home, but I can’t seem to gather the courage to hang a flyer anywhere. I know that vet bills and upkeep for three cats will be rather expensive, and that there will be more cat hair to vacuum and litter to scoop, but the thought of her being mistreated makes me cringe. Even the idea of her being outside in the heat is enough to make me want to keep her.

So, for now, we are officially the cat people. No one may ever want to come to our house for dinner, but they’ll understand our predicament when they see Macy Gray’s precious mug!


Author: Brian

Blogger. Bookworm. Michael Jackson fanatic. Lives in Kentucky with partner of 12 years and three fabulous felines.

9 thoughts on “The cat people”

  1. HA! I KNEW you’d keep her!! Trust me, I’d do the same…she’s a beauty! Gray cats are awesome; we have one, too.

    I am pretty sure if it wasn’t for my husband giving me limits, I would be one of those crazy cat ladies with like, 47 cats hiding in every spot of the house. Luckily I also have a cat allergy, so that keeps me in check, too. I doubt we’ll ever have more than two again…probably just one since Josh has allergies, too, but I will never be completely cat-free. I just love ’em. As much as I dote on my pup, I’m still a cat person at heart.

  2. Cute kitten award! Cute kitten award!

    My theory is that God made most babies absolutely darling and utterly irresistible so that we wouldn’t do away with them. Macy Gray’s best (and only) defense was the higher-than-high cuteness factor; it clearly saved her life!

  3. I didn’t grow up with cats since my sister was allergic, but I got my first one shortly after graduation from college in 1973 and haven’t been without a cat since. I can’t imagine life without them. They are constantly amusing, loving, ornary, sneaky, demanding, aloof, cuddly, suspicious and trusting, all at the same time. They are creatures of habit and woe to those who try to change them. While I envision a time when maybe there won’t be a dog living with us, I don’t think that will ever happen with a cat. They are the ideal pets.

    Wow, that is one incredibly adorable kitten you have there. Thank goodness she found you!

  4. Caroline,

    I’m definitely a cat-person, too!


    I agree about the babies. Most have a face that could melt the hardest heart.


    If I could only get her to stop chewing on these “good hands”! She’s in some kind of biting stage right now.

    Mermaid Mom,

    Cats are definitely the perfect pets. I love their personalities – demanding attention one minute and ignoring you the next.

  5. Our cat had 2 kittens a while back, and the conversation went like this:
    Me (to Connor): Sweetie, we need to find Roscoe and Enos good homes.
    Connor: This IS their home, they have a good home, with us.

    Needless to say, Roscoe and Enos are permanent residents now, but they both got fixed!

  6. Yes, being a “cat person” (worse, a “cat lady”) is something that sneaks up you. Same thing happened to me. For years, I had two cats, Alaska and Nomie (also a beautiful gray longhair who died a couple of weeks ago – sniff) and that was fine. We were the perfect family. Then one day someone left a kitten on my desk at work – “well, it’s either you or I take it the pound and have it put down.” Ack! Until a couple of weeks ago, I was a three cat household. And yes, there is lots of fur, lots of scooping, a few more vet bills, but consider that the price of the love they add to your home.

  7. LazyBuddhist,

    So sorry for your loss! :(

    I’m glad that you didn’t let them take the kitten to the pound and its inevitable demise, but isn’t it irritating how people will take advantage of someone that they know loves animals? The guy made a point to come in my office (knowing that me and the other person working in there were both cat owners) to announce that he would kill it if one of us didn’t take it. It’s almost like he didn’t really want to hurt it, but I was too afraid to call his bluff.

  8. I just read your September 2006 posting about Twinkie being declawed and then found this one. If it’s not too late, please do not declaw Macy Gray. You seem very kind-hearted, so I can only assume you aren’t aware that declawing is extremely inhumane and illegal in many countries. I just added a post called “Please! If You Love Your Cat – Do Not Declaw.” In a nutshell, when a cat is declawed, each of its toes are amputated, including bones, ligaments, and tendons. The surgery is very painful and cats need these body parts to lead a normal life.

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