The funniest thing I’ve heard this week

They don’t make gay people like they used to. If you keep having parts removed then there won’t be anything left to go bad when you get old.

A coworker upon learning about my recent appendectomy

Author: Brian

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5 thoughts on “The funniest thing I’ve heard this week”

  1. Cturpen,

    I’m doing pretty well. I’ve been taking the nurse’s advice and walking as much as possible. Mostly just around my yard, as I don’t want to scare the entire neighborhood with my pajamas.

    I can already tell that it helps alot, as it’s much easier to get up and down today than it was yesterday.

  2. Good for you! I know it totally sucks (do you get those sharp stabbing pains that make you want to puke?) but it will make a HUGE difference. When are you back to work, do you know?

  3. I have only had a few sharp pains on the inside where my appendix used to be. I think it’s from gas or digestion, but it hurts. The incisions are very sore, but getting better each day. Walking has helped alot with that.

    The doc said to take a week off, so I’ll be back to work a week from today unless something changes.

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