The real reason gays want to get married

I found this in my incoming links and thought that I should share with everyone the “true” reason that homosexuals want to get married. This uber-brilliant commentary (rolls eyes) was posted on a forum for homeschoolers.

The bottom line is the reason the homosexual community is trying to approve gay marriage isn’t because they care about being “married.” Homosexual relationships don’t last long, they tend to move from one partner to another. The reason they are pursuing it is to desacralize marriage, make it common and worthless the same way rampant divorce has made marriage a byword and people stop believing in marriage altogether and simply cohabitate.

That in itself provides a pretty strong argument for public education.

Check out my previous post if you want to know why this homosexual wants to get married.

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28 thoughts on “The real reason gays want to get married”

  1. Oh yeah, like straight people are staying together in record numbers. Not.

    I have a bigger question, why is this Christian concept marriage supported by secular law? It seems like, as a Christian who is getting married, you should be able to apply Christian laws to your marriage and the state should stay out of the way as long as nothing illegal is happening.

    Ditto if you’re gay; if you want to have a life partner, why should the state stop you? You may not be able to have a “Christian” ceremony except in specific churches, but I think we can live with that for now.

    If you ask me, our idea of marriage is rather quaint. Legally, marriage should be an agreement between two or more people to live together in mutual support. That seems a more sane definition than the one we have right now.

  2. I had a college professor say pretty much the same thing, and it blew me away. Unfortunately Stupid = The Majority, and it’s going to take a lot more protesting to change anything. When are people going to realize that love is the same thing no matter what your gender?

  3. Just when I thought the argument had been won at the start of the new millenium, we get something like this to remind us that we are not far off from the dark ages after all.

    Marriage as an institution was founded as a means of protecting property by “guarenteeing” property succession rights by (hopefully) knowing the father of the child….the mother not being in doubt. It was only sacralized as you put it by church acting for the statemuch later. Marriage is a contract, in France you have a civil ceremony by law and followed if you wish by a religeous one. In the UK same sex partnerships can be registered,not marriage, a civil partnership which gives the same rights as marriage including tax and property succession rights…so do we actually need marriage except as a point scoring excercise against the establishment? If you believe in God then you realise that he is present in the relationship with or without a blessing in Church.

    On a personal note, I have been with my partner for 21 years without benefit of clergy or the state. We still haven’t got round to registering our partnership but lack of a piece of paper or a ring doesn’t stop me loving him.

    Trevor Wood

  4. Definitions
    Love. Level 1 The affinity, respect and admiration one person feels for another. An emotional sensation of affinity between minds. Is experienced mentally only.
    Love. Level 2. A physical harmonic on level 1. A physical sensation that can affect the mind. An infatuation of the mind expressed in the body. Can overwhelm and confuse a person into believing it is level 1.
    Sex. Level 1. An inbuilt mechanism in all animal bodies to drive them to procreate. Can only occur between opposite genders.
    Sex. Level 2. An aberration between love and sex causing a low level person to confuse the two and develop unnatural relationships. Usually accompanied with long dissertations, justifications and amazing rational.

  5. @ CalvinLawson: Good questions, Calvin. I’m not sure their easily answered though.

    @ leakyfaucet: You’re right. Stupid does equal the majority. That’s why Bush won his second term.

    @ Meg: Ain’t that the truth!

    @ Eliot: It seems that way. I was really hoping they wouldn’t find out about those secret meetings that gays hold where we make plans for which institution that we want to destroy next. Damn.

    @ Alyson: I’ve always thought that people who disagree with me should be forcefully sterilized, but I couldn’t get my Senator to sponsor the bill.

    @ 1trevorwood: Good for you, Trevor! Twenty-one years is amazing – gay or straight.

    @ Merv Nash: I’m not sure where you definitions are coming from, but why don’t you crawl back under your rock? I am in no mood to deal with the likes of you today.

  6. LOL. I guess my comment was harsh. Exhibit 1 billion as to why I should not be allowed to comment hastily. (p.s. I’m glad I ususally agree with you, and that I’m done having kids)

  7. that reminds me of the crap I used to get fed at my private school. which they are still feeding to the current crop of kids. but don’t worry, not all of them will grow up to be closed-minded fanatics! i escaped…

    comments like this are too ridiculous! i don’t know why anyone sees marriage as some kind of sacred institution. it’s a commitment between two partners, no matter the gender.

    my parents are both super-religious, but ended up divorcing after 10 years together. however my uncle and his boyfriend were together for around 20–and their relationship only ended when his boyfriend passed away. when will people get over themselves???

  8. As a straight person and friend to many gay/lesbians, I can say I have not personally seen any gay/lesbian couple “move from one partner to another”. They are usually in more stable relationships than my straight friends. It seems my straight friends find new partners every other week where as my g/l friends end up having long term relationships.

    I always thought (and I could be wrong, I didn’t see your other post and reasons may differ between individuals) that it was more of an economic and medical issue…meaning that g/l want the same breaks (like insurance, tax breaks) that straight couples do as well as be able to make medical decisions for their loved ones if needed (like straight couples do).

    Unless I am mistaken, as it stand now a g/l person is unable to carry out any last wishes as far as life support or herioc measures for their partners…only family can do that even if they have been estranged for 20+ years. I feel that is wrong…how can a family member who disowned the person have more say over their life or death than the person that stuck by their side and KNOW what they want?

    Anyway, sorry about the ramble. /ramble over

  9. Sounds like some one is using a Don Imus tactic…granted that would be a slight on Don Imus…but people who think they know what conservatives stand for…but don’t know how the voting bloc is fractured…seem to take lessons and are very proud of themselves for spewing it out…like a wolf in sheep’s clothing…what happens after being bitten by a wolf in sheep’s clothing is that they run around infecting other people with their hate filled politically motivated “sink”…it’s a way of being “provocative”.

  10. …make it common and worthless the same way rampant divorce has made marriage a byword and people stop believing in marriage altogether and simply cohabitate.

    (No-fault type!!!) divorce, cohabitation, single parenthood…but also workaholism, out-of-marriage sexuality (pre-type and cheating types), egotism, materialism…and what about the likes of polygamy, polyamory, polyandry, swingers, and the like?

    And not all around the world is marriage figured with a religious connotation. In the Orient it doesn’t…

  11. I am a legally married gay man in Massachusetts. We have a very supportive family and we have supportive colleagues. We will be together for our entire lives, both because of our respect for each other, and because of the support of those around us. When people make the claim that gay relationships don’t last, they forget that it is hard to stay together and keep your self-respect when you are completely unsupported and disrespected by those around you. Gay couples that stay together despite all this amaze me. Straight couples that split up, despite the respect and support that they automatically get just because they are straight have sad realtionships to begin with.

  12. Do you really believe this mess? Really?
    I’m a gay man. I work hard. I’m honest. I pay my taxes. Why would you deny me the right to marry?
    I have nothing against you, or straight marriage. Being gay was not a choice, and I have no knowledge of some “gay agenda”, other than the desire to be treated with equal rights, and decency.



  14. I like the post. Its my first time here.

    Being gay, in closet, I thought yours is more opened society than us asian. But then there r people who are strongly against other for different in lifestyles.

    It is not right to call gay marriage “desacralizing”. Else all straight people who marries and get divorce for any reason, we wud say the same to you. Anyways, it wrong to label anyone…

  15. this is stupid gay relationships do last me and my bf have been togeter five years longer than most straight people are

  16. Im gay and I am proud of it! I have never jumped from partner to partner! I love men and im proud! GAYS ARE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE!!! (:

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