Treating myself

Since I’ve made some extra money recently by working so much overtime, I decided to splurge on some of the items that have been lurking on my Amazon Wish List.

10 Things Your Minister Wants To Tell You (But Can’t Because He Needs The Job) by Rev. Oliver “Buzz” Thomas


Michael Jackson Conspiracy by famed crime author Aphrodite Jones, with a forward by Tom Mesereau, the lead attorney during Jackson’s trial


On Michael Jackson by Margo Jefferson, a Pulitzer prize-winning critic for the New York Times


I used to read all the time when I was a child – mainly to stem the boredom that resulted from having no television/sports/movies/etc. I lost most of the desire to read books as I got older, pacifying that need by watching movies or surfing the internet. I’m now finding myself becoming much more interested in reading and learning, mainly thanks to the book club that we recently started at church.

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12 thoughts on “Treating myself”

  1. I’ll be very curious to see what you think about the first book…it’s been on my list, too, but I’ve not ordered it. I am well aware that pastors have to be thoughtful about how they approach certain topics; not exactly the example Jesus put forth!

  2. Speaking of reading, I got Infidel…it’s sitting on my nightstand. But I have like 200 more pages of Harry Potter 4 to go!! My personal reading has slowed down since school is ramping up but I still try to read at least one chapter before going to sleep every night. So I’ll definitely be reading Infidel, even if I’m way behind the group.

  3. Karen – I got to read the first few pages on Amazon and it looks really interesting!

    Caroline – I still haven’t started on Infidel, either. We are having a little introduction to it tomorrow after church.

    MBMQ – How about a donut and a soda? :lol:

  4. Reading is the first practice I resumed when I began recovery. It is my lifeline to my imagination. While I may be a little confused about your choice of topic (Michael Jackson) I am not confused about your choice of action. Read on! (in the spirit of Right On!)


  5. I used to read alot too, but since the kiddos I mostly read Little Critter and Dr Seuss.
    I have been reading alot more recently, and I completed Plan 2 of the UMW Reading Program. I have learned alot from the books in the reading program, but as far as for pleasure, I enjoy light, mindless reading, although I do love Harry Potter. LOL.
    That first book looks interesting.

  6. I forgot to add that I love Amazon. We get most of our books for our reading program at church used off Amazon and pay a fraction of the cost from the service center.

  7. I use to read all the time, in high school one of my teachers, Miss Laura, told my mom I read too much and didn’t socialize enough, so, I was forbidden to read anymore at school except for textbooks and the Bible. lol
    I guess I gave up reading for my pleasure after Audrie was born that was about 9 yrs ago. I have been wanting to start back…maybe I will.

  8. Stilldreaming,

    The idea that a teacher would stifle someone’s interest in books seems absurd, but doesn’t surprise me considering which school you’re referring to.

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