Trying to avoid the sun in the Sunshine State

We almost ruined our vacation by staying in the sun too long on Tuesday. We are both terribly sunburned and I actually woke up with a large blister on my shoulder this morning. Being in the sun was too painful yesterday, which is the reason we drove to Panama City Beach to sit in the shade and watch the sea lions and dolphins.

Today wasn’t much better, but we did manage to visit the beach for a short while, even though we stayed covered by a large umbrella and beach towels the whole time. Once we had walked back to the hotel, the sky darkened and it poured rain for several minutes. It was actually a welcome reprieve from the hateful, torturous sunshine.

The best part of the day was a very long walk on the beach around sunset. There was a thunderstorm in the distance providing some natural fireworks, but the sun was still peeking through and creating beautiful bands of color over the pier that juts into the Gulf. We were ecstatic to find three sand dollars as we walked along the edge of the water.

We have one more day left in paradise before heading for home. Once there, I will build a shrine to sunblock and worship it daily.


Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “Trying to avoid the sun in the Sunshine State”

  1. I am soooo fair that I burn if I’m in the sun for 15 minutes. It’s literally that fast for me. :( I have had my share of bad sunburns, so I feel your pain. Get some aloe!!!

  2. @ angelinaaahh: We brought some, but didn’t put enough on before going to the beach. We learned our lesson though.

    @ ashley: I have some Aloe After Sun Lotion by Banana Boat. Don’t know what we would have done without it!

  3. Oh, poor babies, having to suffer through a vacation on the beach. LOL. Just kidding. It wasn’t much better here today. I managed to get sunburned right here at home.

  4. Once I took my kids to visit my sister in LA. We spent a day at Laguna Beach. Beautiful, but cold and cloudy (got better in the afternoon). I didn’t get blisters, but I was a total lobster. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst of it… I got picked up and slammed into the beach by some huge wave that I totally misjudged. As a result, I damaged my right rotator cuff, and it still bothers me today.

    I could whine on, but it’s probably just out of jealousy.

    It’s great to hear you’re enjoying your vacation!

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