Two-for-one special

I went to the emergency room last night with appendicitis and had my appendix removed this morning around 1:30 a.m. Surprisingly, they have already let me come home and I’m doing pretty well as long as I take the pain medicine. This was a laparoscopic surgery, so I have three small incisions. One actually goes through my belly button and they repaired a small hernia that I had there, too. A real “two-for-one special”, as the doctor called it. As you can tell from the picture, my belly is still quite swollen (and freshly shaven).


Author: Brian

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5 thoughts on “Two-for-one special”

  1. Oh no oh no oh no!! At least your’e okay! I had mine out a few years ago…no fun at all. Walk around the block at least 2x a day. I know it hurts like a bitch but I swear this helped me. Take it easy…..holding a pillow when you have to laugh will help. SO sorry this happened! OWEY! But hey, welcome to the club. :)

  2. Cturpen,

    The pillow thing would have come in handy last night while we were catching up on “Ugly Betty”. We had 3 recorded to the DVR and one of them had a fight scene between Vanessa Williams and her assistant. It was so funny, but it hurt so badly to laugh. I’ll have to watch it again after I’m fully healed, because it deserves a good belly laugh!

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