Two truths & a lie

Last weekend, one of the group activities that we did was to write down two truths and one lie on a sheet of paper. They were then folded, placed in a pan, and read aloud around the camp fire. As each one was read, the rest of the group tried to guess who wrote it. It was quite fun and revealing!

I tried to pick things that most people wouldn’t know, although Honey knew them all. None of them will be surprising to anyone that’s read 100 Things About Me, but I thought I’d share them anyway.

I have two children.

I’ve seen Cher in concert 8 times.

I still sleep with a security blanket.

Each person also shared where they had seen God during the day. Several mentioned the cave and the scenery, but some of the answers were quite surprising and rather touching.

Another cool assignment that our youth director gave the kiddos – she printed papers with things like, “Name three things you know you’ll never do and why.” She then ripped the pages into thirds and gave a section to each kid. They had to find the other two kids that had the rest of their sheet of paper, and each group of three kids then worked on discussing and answering the questions together.

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  1. I know, I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Given your recent post about the youth trip. hehe) At least I THINK I know… ?

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