Undercover firefighter

Our elderly neighbor found this lovely day to be the perfect opportunity to burn leaves in the barrel at the back of her property. The bummer is that the smoke comes right towards our house, and even with the windows closed we could still smell the rancid smoke. Around dusk, I filled up my watering can and snuck over to douse the flames. I’m sure we’ll hear about the mystery of all that water in her trash can tomorrow.

Author: Brian

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2 thoughts on “Undercover firefighter”

  1. New theme: They are fun, aren’t they? I did a post of complete excitement when I updated my header. It’s strangly rewarding.

    RIAA: I don’t know about them, but the MPAA ranks right up there on my poo list. We recently watched a documentary about how they do their ratings. Incredible.

    Rudy: I agree…thought he might be a good choice to throw my moderate vote behind. This makes me think twice. And I KNOW I can’t support any candidate who supports the war. (Read: John McCain, who I used to have high hopes for.)

    Firefighter: Neighbors are a bitch like that, aren’t they? We’re lucky to have some really cool ones. We’re attending their “Island Theme” party this Saturday. Good luck with yours! Just play stupid! They’ll never know it was you.

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