Welcome to America: Land of the free?

UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray to move Occupy UC Davis protesters who were blocking officers' attempts to remove arrested protesters from the Quad on Friday afternoon. Wayne Tilcock/Enterprise photo

Author: Brian

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to America: Land of the free?”

  1. Hey, your police are as nice as ours! Last year they used water cannons against peaceful demonstrators who wanted to prevent the new Stuttgart main station project (newspaper article – warning, it’s graphic). Such news make me angry beyond words.

  2. Good lord, Anke! What is wrong with people? I can understand arresting people for breaking the law, but people suspected of terrorism get better treatment than this!

  3. I really don’t know why some people overreact this way. But I do know that I’m happy about the Occupy movement. It’s important for every society to stand up for their rights, no matter what some so-called authorities try to do against it.

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