Wesley Snipes on Michael Jackson

I am more critical about how Michael was treated, more than anything else. I think that he was an angel sent to us, and I think that we might have to reflect on how well we took care of him. People like to say, ‘Oh, people around him were bad and they didn’t do right by him.’ But I think this is collective too. Because I don’t know the last time, and I can’t remember any other artist that attracted that much energy and projected that much power. That was that creative, and affected so many people, and was such a diplomat for America, and a champion for American culture and African-American people worldwide. People wanted to move to America because of Michael Jackson. Industry changed, the music industry changed, because of Michael Jackson. That’s a gift to us, and, you know, I am concerned that the Good Lord may not send another one because we did not take good care of him.

Wesley Snipes

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  1. Oh my Gosh, just read this. It was so true. I am very rational but when it comes on how society treated him, I 100% agree with Wesley. I saw an interview of him talking of the books Michael used to read from methaphysics to phylosophical books, many about segregation of Black American. People tend to think that you can only make a move or be seriously taken if you are into politics. But I dare to say he revolutionized many areas where race was still an issue, and probably died fighting for it with Sony. I am so sad, 6 years now of such a loss for the world. People like to keep things in the closet, and when he put all things out there, instead of praising his honesty they just wanted to tear him down. Let’s never forget his greatness!

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