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I stated earlier that I’ve been to 33 states, so I thought it might be fun to note them on a map. The states that I’ve visited are in white. Of all the ones that are left, I would really like to see California and Oregon.


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11 thoughts on “Where I’ve been”

  1. I just added mine up. I think it’s 13. Maybe that’s why I’ve had bad luck the last few years. lol. I need to visit another state.

  2. Iowa looks lonely, but I can’t remember if I went there or not. I visited 26 states during one trip with some family members and I’m still trying to find out from them if we drove through that state.

  3. You will definitely have to visit California. San Francisco is brilliant!

    As for me, well, I can clearly remember going to HI, CA, NV, TX, GA, FL, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA and Washington DC. I have these vague recollections of the inside of taxi cabs and inside of hotel lobbies and wake up calls in rooms that look alike in other states, but I would not bet my bottom dollar on any more than 11+WDC.

  4. 26 here. You can skip Texas, if you do go there remember that Texans regard using a turn signal as a sign of weakness and moral decay. Oregon is not a terribly friendly state, especially if you have CA plates. Now CA, what can I say. With the exception of everything south of Bakersfield, which we would give to Mexico if we could, best state there is. ;) JMO —Doug

  5. Texas scares me… don’t think I care about visiting it.

    Oregon may not be that friendly, but it is certainly beautiful in all the pictures I’ve seen. I especially like Portland.

    Have some family that’s been to San Fran and they thought it was awesome, so I’d like to see that city as well.

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