Wii are sore

You know that you’re out of shape when playing virtual bowling and tennis leaves you with sore muscles. Oh, well.

We were officially introduced to the Nintendo Wii last night when our friends Alyson and Jess invited us over. We were hooked almost immediately and I started looking online for a good deal on the gaming system as soon as we got home. Turns out they are not only a little expensive, but also apparently hard to come by. It’s kind of hard to justify dropping that much cash so soon after the holidays, especially with the price of necessary utilities going through the roof.

Anyway, we loved the bowling game and thought it was quite a bit easier on screen than it is in real life. We never get that many strikes at the alley.

Honey had us all cracking up over his complete inability to hit the ball while playing tennis. He would make gutteral noises and wave the remote around wildly before the ball was even within striking distance. Could that mean he’s wii-tarded?

On a related note, check out Alyson’s hilarious wii-make of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” Bet you can’t guess what it’s called…

Author: Brian

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7 thoughts on “Wii are sore”

  1. I got our Wii at Target, where it was $149, iirc. I did have to wait and check weekly to find that price. One disappointment with the Wii (at least our model) is that it’s not a DVD player. That seems silly, but there’s probably some stupid licensing fee to decode DVD that Nintendo didn’t want to pay. I’ve lately been hearing many arguments that we’re starting to shoot ourselves in the collective foot with all our obsession over intellectual property.

    Elsewhere, I’m very glad that Apple is backing down from anal enforcement of DRM.

    — Mario

  2. Brian,

    Our family got Wii as a gift several months back (definitely couldn’t have afforded it otherwise), and I was in pain for the first few days too. After my first go at several rounds of Wii boxing, I almost threw up I felt so sick. Who knew that virtually knocking out someone could take so much out of you?

    I hope you find a good deal soon, but beware because it’s a real time thief!


  3. “Wii-tarded”…LMAO. Too funny. That exactly describes how I felt trying to play Wii Baseball!

    My classmate’s husband lost 10 lbs the first month they had their Wii, just from the increase in his activity level.

    I know GameStop carries the console online, but you usually have to wait a few weeks for one.

  4. I love Wii!!!! I want one so badly! Tennis and bowling are my favorites. I played Rock Band 2 for the first time on Sunday night–it was a lot of fun, but very hard! I would have to sit and practice for hours on end to be any good. I might as well just get a real guitar!! LOL!

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