Words of wisdom from ‘The Bucket List’


We went to see The Bucket List last night with Alyson and J. It was a very touching and heartfelt movie that left me in tears (big shock, eh?).

There was one hilarious part with Jack Nicholson where he gives his assistant some valuable advice about aging.

Three Things To Remember When You’re Old

1. Never pass up a bathroom.
2. Never waste a hard-on.
3. Never trust a fart.

Brilliant advice for young and old. Happy weekend, everyone!

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Words of wisdom from ‘The Bucket List’”

  1. I’ve seen the ads for this movie but didn’t realize it was already playing in theaters. I’ve wondered if the role of an “old man” is tough on Jack’s ego at all. He was such a hellion and a heartbreaker in his day. He probably still is.

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