Words with Friends

Words-With-FriendsI just discovered Zynga’s Scrabble-inspired game this week, and I have been playing it ever since. So much fun! I even sprung for the ad-free version last night.

One of my coworkers actually said he was scared to play me, because he thought my vocabulary was more expansive than his. Apparently he thought wrong, because he wound up stomping me by almost 100 points.

I like that I can have multiple games going at the same time, and that I can request to play against a complete stranger. I also like the fact that I am currently ahead in three out of five games. =)

Author: Brian

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4 thoughts on “Words with Friends”

  1. I once used ‘scrabble’ playing Words With Friends. How ironic is that. Do you do anything to build skills? Once I discovered that unscrambling anagrams helped with that jumble of letters, my scores steadily went up in WWF and Scrabble. I got so into anagrams, I invented my own TV trivia anagram game. Let me know what you think of it.

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