Wynonna Judd’s ‘Classic Christmas’ Tour

wynonna_christmasWynonna Judd’s Christmas tour made its stop in Paducah last night, where she belted out traditional holiday classics and a couple of her biggest hits to the adoring crowd, which included her mother, Naomi.

Wynonna wove her way through practically every song on her holiday disc, stopping to joke and interact with the audience on several occasions. Her sense of humor was delightful and campy, but the show also had its tender moments, like when she recalled giving her life to Christ at the age of seventeen.

Her voice was flawless, honed by over twenty years of record-making and touring. She shook the rafters on “O Holy Night” and “Ave Maria”, bringing everyone to their feet multiple times.

There were two songs that blew me completely away. One was “I Want To Know What Love Is”, a remake of Foreigner’s hit. She so completely embodies the song that she could have easily written it herself, and it was so beautiful that it actually made my insides ache.

The other was “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem”, a song I hadn’t heard since I was a young child attending a Pentecostal church. I immediately got my cellphone, called my sister, and let her listen as Wynonna harmonized with her supporting singers.

After returning for an encore of two songs, Wynonna asked the audience to sing to her. As the band softly played “Silent Night”, everyone stood and joined voices. It was peaceful and moving – an appropriate conclusion to a lovely evening.

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5 thoughts on “Wynonna Judd’s ‘Classic Christmas’ Tour”

  1. Oh, I am so jealous. Sounds like a wonderful evening.
    I can just imagine her voice filling the room with “O Holy Night” (my favorite) and your description of the encore with the audience singing “Silent Night” gave me chills.

    Lucky you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ jimthomp87: It was wonderful! She’s going to have a Christmas special on NBC a couple of days before Christmas, so check it out.

    @ Alyson: That’s one of my favorite Christmas songs, too. :)

  3. This sounds like it was a great concert. It’s so refreshing (read “comforting”) to know there are still talented entertainers out there who play to their fans, don’t fall down drunk on stage, and put on a memorable and wonderful show. Why doesn’t this make the news? Seems like they have to act like real jerks to get any publicity. TMZ never runs a headline like: Wynonna Wows The Christmas Crowd!

    But at least you do, Brian. :)

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