Wii are sore

You know that you’re out of shape when playing virtual bowling and tennis leaves you with sore muscles. Oh, well.

We were officially introduced to the Nintendo Wii last night when our friends Alyson and Jess invited us over. We were hooked almost immediately and I started looking online for a good deal on the gaming system as soon as we got home. Turns out they are not only a little expensive, but also apparently hard to come by. It’s kind of hard to justify dropping that much cash so soon after the holidays, especially with the price of necessary utilities going through the roof.

Anyway, we loved the bowling game and thought it was quite a bit easier on screen than it is in real life. We never get that many strikes at the alley.

Honey had us all cracking up over his complete inability to hit the ball while playing tennis. He would make gutteral noises and wave the remote around wildly before the ball was even within striking distance. Could that mean he’s wii-tarded?

On a related note, check out Alyson’s hilarious¬†wii-make of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” Bet you can’t guess what it’s called…

Saturday play-by-play

7:00am – Got up and sent Dad a text so he wouldn’t have to call to wake me up. We had plans to spend the day with my sister and her kids – cooking and hanging out.

8:15am – Dad picked me up and we headed for the grocery to get items that we needed to prepare lunch.

8:30am – Arrived at Wal-Mart and split up to gather items as quickly as possible. I heard a woman screaming at what appeared to be her three young grandsons. I even saw her smack one of them on the back while using the “f” word, and heard her refer to another one as ignorant right in front of him. Other customers saw and heard the exchange and we simply looked at each other without knowing what to do. By the time I made it back to where Dad was to tell him that we needed to do something, she was heading for the express checkout lane.

This incident literally almost ruined my entire day and I could kick myself for not speaking up. I kept thinking that if she would act that way in public, I couldn’t imagine how bad it must be for those kids at home.

9:00am – Dad and I stopped by our workplace for a few minutes. While leaving, Dad backed his truck right into a fork lift. The impact was hard enough to throw us forward and spray my open container of orange juice all over the dash and windshield. After going back inside for a wet paper towel to clean up the mess, I informed Dad that I should probably take over driving for the remainder of the day.

9:45am – Arrived at my sister’s house and spent the next several hours cooking, gossiping, and laughing. There was even some piano music and singing thrown in for good measure. My baby nephew is just the cutest thing in the world and he can really let some toots.

4:45pm – Returned home to see Honey, who had just gotten off work.

6:30pm – Our friends, Liz, Alyson, and J came over and we all loaded up and headed for Olive Garden.

7:30pm – Liz, Alyson, and I ordered fruity, girly drinks. Mine was much stronger than usual, but the effects wore off pretty quickly as I downed chicken alfredo and breadsticks.

9:00pm – Went to Wal-Mart again (a different one) so J and Alyson could pick up an early Christmas present for one of their kids. Unfortunately, the store was out of stock, but we picked up a few other things and played with a Halloween item that was sitting by the checkout – a plastic outhouse with a button on the outside. When activated, the door would open and a goblin would peek out and say things like, “I put the die in diarrhea!” We marveled that anyone would pay money for such a thing.

9:45pm – We stopped by bowling alley to play a few rounds (or whatever they’re called). This was literally only the second time I had ever bowled, but we had a wonderful time picking on each other and looking like complete fools.

Midnight – Returned home and visited with friends for a while.

2am – Went to bed. While snuggled up with my partner and a big, fluffy kitty, I realized that this was one of the most splendid days I’d had in quite some time.